I love breakfast on weekends, if we don’t get up early. Everything is slowing down, coffee  smell in the air and eggs frizzle in the pan. Yeah, that’s my kinda breakfast – I like it salty.

Usually I eat eggs & cheese on bread. Sometimes avocado and bacon as well. And a strong coffee made in a Bialetti pot – the italian coffee maker. 🙂 If I’m not so hungry, or maybe even more hungry I add some smoothie-action. One banana, some crazy healthy powder (don’t ask me which kind, I don’t know – found it in our kitchen), almond milk and raspberries. That’s all, but super yummy! And during the work-days I’m always taking my coffee to-go and if I’m not too lazy I make a müsli or a sandwich. But if I’m lazy, it’s just the coffee and me – getting grumpy around 10 o’clock, waiting desperately for lunch-time to come! 🙂 So these are my breakfast stories! What’s yours?

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