Bouldering and Paris? Two completely different shoes, you think? Sounds like it, but it isn’t. Fontainebleau is probably the most famous and oldest boulder area in Europe and 55km away from home of “haute couture” city Paris! So what better place to spent a short vacation, when the boy is reaaaaally into those sand rocks in Fontainebleau and the girl (also a little bit) is really into everything about Paris? 
So the big girly problem is now, who to combine the dirty VW-van life and bouldering with the fancy Paris style? One day I need to wear practical stuff, with durable fabric, the other day I want to look “french chic”! One day I need to have something warm to sit next to a fire, the other day I need to have good-looking, but comfy shoes to walk up the Eiffel Tour!
I made this pack-list, to show you guys, how I would pack for a trip like this:

Shirt & Pants: Patagonia | Candle: via UO | Water Bottle: via UO | Book: T.C. Boyle via amazon | Cosmetic Travel Kit: via Stop the water while using me. | adidas sneaker: via Frontlineshop | Down Jacket: Peak Performance | Blanket: O’Neill | Mug: via cultfurniture | climbing shoe: via bergfreunde | Crashpad: via Petzl | Power Snack: Clifbar
Shirt: Comme des Garcons | Book: Michi Girl – Le Shop Guide | glasses: via Frontlineshop | Camera: Olympus Pen | Cardigan: Armedangles | iPhone Charger: Leitz Complete | Overall: Paige via Coggles | Scarf: Becksöndergaard | Shoe: Intramontabile | Bucket Bag: Le Tanneur | adidas sneaker: via Blue Tomato

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