Bloomon – finally flowers in my town!

When I first discovered I was pretty bumped, that they didn’t deliver to my hometown. But this has changed now! They deliver to every little town in Germany now – yeah! I’m super happy, because you know… we do have flower shops, where I live. Yes, yes we do. But there is one, which is extremely expensive, one that is just shitty and the rest is quite not my style and on top their flower collections is just really boring… soooooo here comes bloomon

You can choose between 3 sizes of bouquets and if you wanna have fresh flowers weekly, every second week or monthly… or basically you can choose and stop the deliveries how you want. So if you like flowers as much as I do…

I can highly recommend bloomon, because flowers make me happy!
And you know what? They give you a super cool vase on top, if you use the code MAYBEVASE!











This is a sponsored post, with a lot of love!

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