Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl

Oh wow – nearly one year with this little girl! How time flies – I mean it!!! Her birthday is coming soon and people ask what she wants. What does a one year old want or need?! I really don’t know, but here’s some lovely inspiration! Maybe a little bike – she can’t use now, but probably very soon! A high quality cardigan or something to play with! I would take everything – so in love with all this yellow mellow things… so that’s my her happy first birthday wishlist! 😉

EKOBO Towel via avocadostore | Bubble Bath via Das boep | Bubble Cardigan via  Shirley Bredal | Mini Bike via Veloretti
EZPZ Silicon Baby Plate via Smallable | Baby Boots via Birds of Nature | Blush Bonnet via Monkind | Grimms Pastell Rainbow via Hans-Natur


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