Berlin Impressions & Suggestions

After the Fashion Week in Berlin we discovered the city! Here are some impressions & tips.
You can also watch our little Berlin trip video here on Vimeo.
We slept in Neuköln at a dear dear friend (thanks again!) and enjoyed nearly every day our 
breakfast at a little Cafe called Geschwister Nothaft. Their waffels and sandwiches were 
amazing! And I really loved my cat plate! You should go there if you are in Neuköln!
Kater Holzig is where all the hipsters meet, but I think you have to go there, if you visit Berlin!

We had an amazing privat tour through the “Bundestag“. Our lovely guide had her main focus on 
art, so it wasn´t that political (thank god!) – indeed it was really interesting! So take the art tour 
if you go.
Cafe Altes Europa near to the Hackeschen Höfe. I had some really good pasta there. I think the 
service wasn´t the best, but I like the idea of their menu – only 4 choises every day!
We went to the Gestalten shop to visit a little Olaf Hajek exhibition. Small and pretty.
And sooooooooo much cool stuff to buy there.
Near to the Brandenburger Tor is the Holocaust memorial. I posted this sentence on instagram 
as well: it´s not a funny story, but it is so much fun to play hide&seek between these blocks.
We went to the Akademie der Künste by mistake, but there was a really really great video
installation. And Darth Vader. 😉
 This was during the Bread&Butter, just had to share these Blutsgeschwister beauties with you.

We also went to the permanent Dali exhibition. But I was disappointed.

…and at the end of the day, your feet will hurt. City Trips mean a loooot of walking!

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