I thought I will continue with my thoughts about “being a small-town-blogger”, since I got so many and nice responds on my last post. Hope you will enjoy reading about my small-town life. This time it is all about going out, having fun and drinking too much.

So – going out – in a small town, can be a bit tricky. Because there isn’t that much going on. There are no clubs. (The next good club would be 40-80km away and someone needs to drive.) There are no big events. (You’d have to drive even longer to find a cool event, festival or concert.) So there isn’t much left. In the town, where I life, there are some bars and pubs. Or whatever you would call that. Maybe…wait let me count… ok there are around 4 places you could go. The other maybe 6 places are not worth to mention. Anyway if we decide to go out (and not get drunk at home or too lazy to walk into town) we have exactly 3 possibilities. πŸ™‚ Yeah!
The first one would be going to this one place, where everyone is going always. From the tweens, to the card-playing older people, all the guilds and sport teams. It’s always packed and to be fair, it’s fun there. If I would take a “big-town-person” to this place, he/she would probably be shocked a little. But hey, that’s just how small-town people do it. It’s a proper inn (<—that’s how google translated “zΓΌnftiges Wirtshaus”). 
The second possibility would be going to a sports event. A handball match is the place to be on a Saturday. Yeah… To be honest, when we go there, you never ever will see me without a beer in my hand. I just don’t understand this game. But I can cheer very good. The bad side of this event is, that you will run into people you don’t wanna run into. The annoying parents of this one friend, the ex boyfriend you can’t even remember or some old “friends” from school. If you decide to go to the after-party th evening will end bad. Most of the time, really bad. Man, those players can drink. And you just have to drink with them. After a night like this you can stay in bed, the rest of the weekend.

The third place we could go, is only once a month. And it is so so bad… I honestly hope I won’t offend anyone here (but I’m quiet sure, besides my friends nobody knows/reads maybe you like in my town). So this monthly event is in a barn. Yes… It is a bit out of town, so you need to drive about 5 minutes. And all the small towners and village/farm people are going there as well. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against any type of human beings (ok that’s not true, but you understand me, right?), I just wanna describe how it feels. πŸ™‚ So you have to be super drunk to go there, otherwise you can’t stand it. The music is bad, the dancing is very boring and you constantly think: What the hack am I doing here again? Again and again and again… Then you get another drink or a shot, sponsored by some random dude and hit the dance floor. But the music is still bad, so sometimes I try to dance as weird as I can. I don’t take myself too serious, so I have fun doing that. But you get soooooo many looks from the other humans, who don’t understand you at all. πŸ™‚ But in the end I don’t care, cause this is the only place near my town where you can go dancing!!!! Hell yeah. And then I just dance. 

So, yes there are 3 options where we can go out. But hey, our cinema reopened! πŸ™‚ So that isn’t too bad. I have to tell you guys one more thing, about going out in a small town. If you do something stupid, you will probably regret the next morning – you can be sure, half of the town will know it. That’s just how they do it. In a small town.

And sometimes it’s better to party at home. With your homies. And leave the small town outside, cause you can have even bigger parties than in eeeevery big city, if you are with your friends. Word.

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