Sometimes it sucks really bad. Don’t get me wrong – I love where I live, but there are a 
lot of contras for a blogger to live in a small town and not in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or 
any other big city. It starts with all the awesome press events you get invited to. Where the 
hack should I get the time to travel every second weekend or even during the week to 
those events? Not even talking about the money…? I would love to go to those store- 
openings, showrooms or just the get-together of bloggers and workshops, but it is not
possible if you live “far away” in a town nobody knows and having a job. πŸ™‚

I am not a full time blogger, I have a job to do. And I love my job very much. But some-
times I keep thinking or more clicking through all those other blogs and get envy what they
are able to do and go when they live in a big city. There are no awesome events where I 
live and there are no photos or reviews of you attending an event. There are no brands, 
shops or PR people who post “The cute Sophia from maybeyoulike visited us during our
shop-opening and here are her favorite pieces…!” yeah…The press agencies and brands 
won’t notice you and your personalities, if you don’t show up and show them who you 
are and that you are worth some support. Thats one part. πŸ™‚ 

The other part is. Small town people just don’t get what you do and why you do it. They
think you are a bit crazy with your style. Of course not of all of them!!! I don’t wanna say
small town people have no style or sense of fashion, don’t get me wrong. But just think
about, seeing all those “colorful crazy dressed birds” from Berlin walking through a small
town. People will watch, as they probably do in Berlin as well, but the thing is, in a big
city are so many people and they get used to people who wanna look different. At the
countryside they will look at you with a sceptic face, shaking their heads. And then talk
about it. Some people will say, “Yeah, but that’s exactly what those people want.” But 
that doesn’t work for me. In the end I don’t care, I started to learn this early in school.
I was always “one-step-ahead”with my different style. At least this is what my granny
said to me, when I came home crying because the other children where picking on me
being different, wearing leather pants and stuff like that… πŸ™‚ Haha, good times.

And try to explain to someone here what a blog is. My friends know it now. But I am not 
pretty sure, if they even read it. They just know I get sent pretty stuff and don’t have to pay 
for cloths and shoes (which is not true). You pay with your time and research and probably
for having a style, that some people out there, in the world wide web, like. Not even talking
about my boyfriend and his friends – all outdoor/climbing dudes. If they see me in a black
maxi skirt, black shirt and black hat, they think someone died. They think, I am super
strange, caring so much about how I look. Even when we go climbing. It has to fit and
look good. At least they smile polite and laugh about my jokes about wanting pink
climbing gear. (It’s not even a joke, I really want that…)

My grandma gets annoyed, that I get sometimes a lot of packages, because she thinks the 
only thing I do is online shopping (whatever this is to her). Trying to explain to her why I get 
this stuff is just crazy…

“I am out of 50 cent pieces, the postman came to often this week. 
 Why did you get this again?”

“Oma, thatβ€˜s because of the blog.”

“Ok, but why do they sent you this?”

“Because they think I am awesome.”

“Aha. Be careful.”

“Ahhhrgh YES! It’s just a present, I got this jacket and if I like it,
 I can take a photo of me in it and show it on the blog.”

“Who can see that?”

“Everyone who likes to see it.”

“That’s dangerous. Be careful, Sophia! I saw an article about

 Facebook in the newspaper. That is very dangerous.”

“OK, but it’s not Facebook, ok maybe as well,… but.. never mind!” *rollingeyes*

To be fair – it’s her 84th birthday this month and she has very much style. Just the
old fashioned way – going into “her” shop and buying stuff twice a year. Expensive,
awesome stuff I envy her about, she has the motto: ” By less, choose well.”

If she takes me with her sometimes, I get lucky as well. Hrrrhr…

To come to an end with this piece of my thoughts here – I like being a small town blogger,
because I love living where I live. The mountains and the woods are my playground, I love
going on little adventures, which is pretty easy from where I live. I try to not care about 
the fact that nearly everyone I know and care about, doesn’t know what a blog is and
why I do it. It is enough to get emails from random girls all around the world, who let me
know that they are reading and love what I do. I love the brands and people who support
me, even I can’t show up everywhere. I am just happy, that they see what maybeyoulike
is about and it’s worth the support. So thank you, to all my readers – I am doing it for
you! Even from the middle of nowhere, where nearly nobody knows what I do.

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