Beauty Crushes

 My current beauty crushes:
Uslu Airlines Nailpolish – always
Avene – every morning and every evening
Stop the water while using me – you heared it, so do it (and it smells fantastic)
Nice One – the cold season is coming, better do something for your immunity
Burt´s Bee – best lip balm so far
Les Ettes – yummy fresh and young
Becca – for the evening via glossybox

Burt´s Bee tinted lip balm is nice to your lips and brings a little color, too.
I really love the package design here.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Crushes”

  1. that inscription on the shampoo is great and so true! 😀 and im in love with that ,,honeysuckle,, lipstick colour ;)/eni

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