Baby Stroller Essentials

Yeah, a few weeks ago our super cute stroller arrived! And since then I always had an eye on my friends with babies: what they take with them, when they go on a walk with the stroller. Excuse me, if I do forget something essential – but to be fair, everyone has their own opinion and habits. So here is what I came up so far, what you probably need, when you go on a quick walk / shopping trip with your baby.


A bag / backpack where to put your stuff in… I discovered mara mea through some other blogs and think this bag is just awesome! Also my all-time favorite backpack – Fjällräven Kanken – this backpack is one space wonder and I know a lot of girls, who use it as a stroller/nursery bag!

Things to change diapers! I got this cute little Zara changing pad from my best friend, I think it’s super practical, since it doesn’t take that much space. And of course you need diapers and wet wipes. 😉 I already ordered the test package from Lillydoo, since I have read so many good thinks about those diapers! Plus – the only diapers, which look nice on top. And an extra jumper, is always good! This one is from MarMar via Kleines Karussell.

Thinks to keep your baby warm and happy! If it’s starting to rain, a rain cover like this from dm babylove should be fine (or any other rain cover, that fits your stroller). A swaddle – I already have this Cam Cam Copenhagen one via Kleines Karussell. A cozy blanket (this one is from Disana) and a bonnet (this one is from Zara). I would say something to entertain the baby isn’t wrong… like this little Jellycat bunny and this stroller chain via AngelCab.

Non of this is sponsored, I just browsed through the world wide-webby-land and collected the stuff I liked!

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