apps, apps, apps

1. Whatsapp – great to write and send pictures to friends.
2. Facebook… what else to say. But I mostly use it, when I´m without a computer.
3. Twitter – great to read in the train to work. You´ll find me under @maybeyoulike
4. Malen – Fun app (I don´t use it that often) to paint with your friends.
5. Wander – I think this is amazing. You can be a guide and 
be guided from someone around the world. Try it!
6. Shazam – there is playing a great song? You don´t know the name? Shazam!
7. Leme Cam – I think much better than Hipstamatic! And for free…
8. 8mm – I film everything with this app. Check my vimeo for the results!
9. Instagram – favorite app! You can follow me @maybeyoulike
10. Bergtouren – great hiking/skitour app. powered by ortovox
11. Wikipedia – and my granny always says “And you mobile phone knows this?!”
12. – yea, I am from Germany. So sometimes I need english words. 😉

One thought on “apps, apps, apps”

  1. mensch, jetzt hab ich letztens nen Kommentar verfasst und mein doofes Handy hatte kein Internet mehr und hats einfach verschluckt.
    Also jedenfalls wollte ich sagen, dass ich solche Beiträge zwischendrin super finde, ich bin Appsüchtig ^^
    Wander hab ich mir gleich runtergeladen, das ist ja echt genial!!
    Und meine lieblings Apps sind:
    Instagram, Powercam (ganz tolle Kameraapp), Awesome Calendar, Eco Challenge, Mein Kleiderschrank ^^ uuund Loopcam (erstellt Gifs).
    Ahja und Appflow, da kann man nach tollen Apps schauen 😉
    Und was spielst du so?

    Liebe Grüße 🙂

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