About organizing your stuff

… I love organizing stuff. Really. My boyfriend sometime jokes about it, cause he kinda thinks I do clean up my stuff, so I can handle at least the outside, while the inside of myself is still a huge mess. Haha… yeah. Maybe. But I just love to redecorate and find the perfect place for everything. Beanies, gloves, sunglasses, random stuff I don’t know where to put, pens, paperwork and so on. But sometimes it is super hard to find the perfect place or basket/box where you can put things. While I was surfing through some online-shops I discovered, that I have a thing for baskets. All kinds of baskets. I love boxes as well, but at the moment it’s baskets. So here are some of my favorites:

1. via Minimarkt | 2. via Ikea | 3. via impressionen | 4. via impressionen | 5. via connox |
6. + 7. via lunoa

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