A couple of weeks ago I visited my best friend (since even before Kindergarten) in Hamburg, where she studies. I already told you about that in my #weekendwarrior post over here. We had a really nice program going on…It included a lot of food and a nice boat trip! 🙂 We went on a “Eat-The-World-Tour” in the city district “Schanze”. It was super yummy and interesting as well! I really wanted to go to a nice Burger place, so Peter Pane it was – with a lot of very good cocktails! So yes… a lot of eating and walking around, what else to say! I love Hamburg a lot, the people are super relaxed and the tiny shops everywhere are so nice! I’ll come back! 🙂

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_2

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_3

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_4

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_5

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_6

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_7

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_8

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_9

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_10

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_11

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_12

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_13

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_14

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_15

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_16

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_17

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_18

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_19

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_20

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_21

maybeyoulike_ Hamburg_Citytrip_22

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