3 days Faroe Islands

On our way back from Iceland to Denmark with the ferry, we booked a stop-over on the Faroe Islands. We had 3 days in total and did no research at all… The ferry has docked in Thorshavn – and I have to say, I really liked this little capital of the Faroe Islands. We did not drive that far – we spent one day in Thorshavn and drove to Saksun (I saw some pretty photos on Instagram – but we totally missed the “instagramable spot”) and went for a walk to the beach. And the rest of our time we kind of spent only in Gjógv – a small village where you can hike up the cliffs and stroll along the ocean. The camping is very nice there as well! The natural harbor was our highlight, the water was so clear, that we just had to take a dip. Yep it was fu**ing cold, but that’s how we like it. 😉 So we didn’t go to all those Insta-Famous places… I didn’t know, that you have to go there by (expensive) ferry or even helicopter, but the places we saw where probably less crowded and very scenic as well. Maybe we come back one day…

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