Two friends of us travelled 17 countries in the past 8 month in their van, searching for amazing climbing and bouldering spots. They found pure nature, friendly people and of course great climbs!

They started in France, drove to Spain, Portugal, then back to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. After that they were heading to the east of Europe. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Then to Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and back home…
They showed us the images last week and since then I’m so, so full of wanderlust. Ok, that may be a lie, since I’m always wanna go travel – but hell yeah! East Europe is just AMAZING! Raw and beautiful… I’m hooked! Clemens is also one of the most talented photographers I know personally… You should check out his website and of yours the blog they made for the trip – Kletterrundfahrt for all their images!
It’s worth it! 

(I randomly chose the images below – so if you wanna know which image is located where, you need to go to their blog.)


















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