I know, I skipped a month, but to be fair, I was preparing a wedding. So no #randomfacts in October, but here it is for November! 😉 I hope you guys still enjoy the randomness about me. I try to keep it funny… so let’s start!

  • I’m an Allgäu-wedding-location-expert now. Anyone on the search? I know them all… I’m even thinking about starting a simple website. Because I would have been sooooooo happy, to know them.

  • Liquorice and marzipan are things I really like. To eat.

  • I don’t like domestic animals that much. I love baby animals to pet, but otherwise I’m more the watching-from-distance type. So that’s probably why I like wild animals a lot more – because you only watch them. And paint them.

  • I love illustrating – but since I’m an adult with a job and stuff, I don’t really find the time anymore… I miss it very much – even had a exhibition once! Check my illustrations over here, if you’re curious. And several interviews and I was even on radio! Yeah, I’m soooo cool. Uhh… yeah!

  • I can’t swim in the ocean, if nobody is in the water a bit further out than me. Because the shark will eat the person further out first.

  • I get goosebumps when I’m only thinking about wooden spoons or forks. Can’t eat with them. Nope. getting goosebumps already.

  • Hate spiders. Hate snakes. Yep, as probably every second person.

  • My wardrobe looks amazing one day a moth. The other 29 days it’s a huge mess.

  • I only like crafting, if it doesn’t take a lot of time to finish it and if you don’t have to be exact. Same with sewing. Believe I have so many half-done things…

  • I have never been more than two times to the same hairdresser. (Excluded my during my childhood.)


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