10 Random Facts in August

I love to read random facts about other people, so I thought I start a list over here as well! 🙂 Some might be boring, but it’s your choice to read. If you have any special questions though, let me know. I try to keep it up and write 10 facts every month. Hope you enjoy!

  • I like rivers the most for taking a dip on warm summer days, then lakes and after that the ocean. I’m not a big ocean fan, since there are sharks.
    Yes I’m serious, I’m one of those girls, who are terrified by sharks.

  • I don’t like ice-cream. I do eat it sometimes – I don’t know why though. But if you would ask me: Ice-cream or cheese? Always cheese.

  • I’m kinda obsessed with “Stranger Things” on Netflix at the moment – we started to watch it last week and can’t stop.

  • When I was younger, I had rainbow-colored hair once. Only the lower layer of my hair, but when tied together there was a rainbow! 😉

  • I always know what I dreamed. I can tell you my dreams from the past night nearly every day – but believe me, you DON’T wanna know.
    Super weird stuff…

  • I hated school.

  • My grandparents took me to New York once and we went up the World Trade Center – I accidentally dropped my blue cotton candy from
    the highest floor. Hupsie.

  • I had a really bad skateboard accident in Sweden once. I have it on film. 😉

  • My right ear is smaller than my left ear and my earlobes have different shapes. Yep.

  • I believe that toy animals have feelings. If I throw one of my arctic toy animals (by accident) on the floor, I can’t let them stay there.
    They need a comfy place to wait for me. 😉 Yes I’m a grown woman. But my inner child is HUUUUUUGE!

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