FEATURED, Weekend Vibes | 10. July 2017


We escaped the heat, drove to Switzerland and got rain. But in between, there were some gaps full of sunshine and no rain. We used those gaps for bouldering, exploring, jumping into the ice-cold river and hiking! I can say, a weekend well spent! I will write a bit more, about our weekend trip later – about sleeping and tourist traps! 😉 Happy Monday everyone!

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Weekend Vibes | 20. February 2017


Oh Ticino… only two days, but it felt like a little holiday! Super refreshing, after rainy days and feeling sick all day long! We drove all the way to Italy for some pizza las Friday, returned to Ticino/Switzerland the same evening and found a nice wild camping spot (nope, we’re not telling where). On Saturday and Sunday we went climbing a few times and explored Valle Maggia… perfect weekend! So Monday bring it on… Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

ACTION, climb, Hike | 15. September 2016

Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland

I told you already that we went to Switzerland for some climbing last weekend. But here are some more images from our trip. Seriously – this place is so amazing and wild camping is so easy, if you follow the rules. Don’t leave trash and if someones around, just ask, if it’s ok to camp here. And the people around the Klausenpass are normally very welcome to wild campers/climbers. 😉 At least, that’s how we felt. I even had the chance to peek into this little cheese hut, where the farmer was looking after his cheese. Oh cheeeeese…. Continue reading “Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland”

Countries, Sleep here, vanlife, WANDERLUST | 2. September 2015


Before we went on our road-trip to Croatia and Montenegro, we googled “wild camping” in those countries. We love to wild camp – no annoying tourists, no tiny spaces, no disgusting showers. We prefer to be on our own, bathing in a river or under our solar shower (or not at all, after spotting a snake in the river). We love to hear the sounds of nature and not the camping ground neighbours.