She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 14. January 2018

A winter outfit with prAna

The outfit I’m living in right now! So, so cozy and warm! The pullover has a super nice texture and I love the colorful sprinkles in it. I’m also a huge fan of corduroy pants – not everyones cup of tea, but I love them! So warm and strong. Perfect for going outside and not caring about any thorny plants! Plus organic cotton  and sustainably made! Save to say, that prAna is one of my favorites brand.  Continue reading “A winter outfit with prAna”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 2. August 2016

What I wear – Long and Short

This outfit was perfect on Sunday – normally I don’t understand outfit that involve a long upper part and  a short bottom part. 😉 But it was kinda warm and just before a thunderstorm started, so very windy. I love the sweater, since it’s a bit longer and the sequins adding a bit of glitter to this very black outfit! But, I love black. The shorts have the perfect length – so no butt-showing or anything! Yes. I would say perfect!
Continue reading “What I wear – Long and Short”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 19. July 2016

What I wear – A hat & a Blanket

Here is a little outfit post – I say little, since it’s only a hat and a blanket. 😉 But who needs more to look nice on a beach in Oregon? Right! So I’m a huge hat lover and gladly Blue Tomato has a big range of my favorite hat brand so far – Brixton! Yeah… and the Pendleton blanket is just a dream. I waited for such a long time to buy one. And there was a Pendleton outlet store in Bend so I couldn’t resist.  Continue reading “What I wear – A hat & a Blanket”