Weekend Vibes | 25. January 2016

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

My weekend was running around the winter sports trade show ISPO in Munich! 🙂 Super exhausting, but always worth the stress. It’s always nice to meet the person behind the mails you’re writing with and inspiring to see all the stuff for the next winter season! Amazing innovations and super nice clothing! 🙂 But I’ll make a separate post this week! Hope you all had a nice weekend!


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ACTION, Gear | 15. July 2015

OutDoor Trade-Show 2015

Today I went to the OutDoor trade show, which is located have an hour from where I live. I visited some old friends and brands, but also discovered some new ones! I’ll tell you about them later. It is always nice to be in a place, where (nearly) everyone is outdoor-minded and showing you great stuff! But after a view hours I escaped the heat and went back home and straight to the river. With my new jellyshoes! 🙂 Yes!

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