Weekend Vibes | 21. November 2016


This was kind of a slow weekend. It started with rainy weather, which led us to clean out our wardrobes. 😉 Believe me, it was time! A birthday brunch, bouldering and enjoying the sun! Oh and new books… I follow @krautkopf via Instagram quite a long time now and thought it would be good to buy my first cooking book. Hopefully I’ll use it soon… I’m more the person who looks at pretty books, not really cooking. But hey, who knows.
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Eat/drink, lovelythings | 1. March 2016


I’m not the biggest juice drinker. So when it comes to day-time-drinks, it’s always water or water in my case. But I like tea, a lot. So here is something new and different. Tea, but not hot. Cold… like you would drink juice. But it isn’t. Tea, but very, very different. And on top it tastes good! Carpe Diem Kombucha tea drink comes in 3 different flavors – cranberry, quitte and the classic one. I like cranberry the most! 🙂

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