Weekend Vibes | 13. July 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Ahhhhh these images below might give you a wrong impression what I did this past weekend. I was working so hard… Friday, Saturday & Sunday! From morning till afternoon – but right after work, we took our bikes and went down to the river. With the nice weather it was still super warm and I jumped into the water every 10 minutes! 🙂 Oh yeah and we shot some outfits… and made some kitschy photos as well. But who cares! #beinginloveisalwaysbetter

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Gear, WHAT I WEAR | 9. July 2015

RIVER RIVER with Blue Tomato

A couple of days ago we escaped to the river right after work. It was so damn hot, you couldn’t do anything beside swimming in the cold river and maybe drinking some cold beer. So I put my bikini in my backpack, took a picnic blanket and some beer, jumped on my bike and drove down to the river – where the boy was already waiting. Quality #afterwork time!

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