She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 8. December 2015

ECCO INTRINSIC – One Perfect Sneaker

This one is one perfect sneaker, really. The ECCO Intrinsic knocked on my door a few weeks ago and since then I can’t take it off. My other shoes get a bit jealous, but this sneaker is just so comfy! The Intrinsic also comes in white and with an awesome black/white pattern. Click here to see all the combinations for women and men! This sneaker is #partofmyworld! 🙂


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She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 10. November 2015

#partofmylife with ECCO INTRINSIC

Today I wanna tell you a little secret – it is super hard to find interesting urban spots for outfit shootings in my hometown. You probably all know now, that I live in a small town, but here is one of my “secret” spots: The neighbor’s garage, haha. No, really! I love the light there and nobody is watching me, while I do weird moves to have some fun photos. At least I hope there is no security camera somewhere… Anyway another not-so-secret secret – my new shoes: the brand new ECCO intrinsic sneakers! And I can proudly say, I’m one of their #partofmylife ambassadors! Those sneakers are super comfy and yeah… part of my life now!

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