Sleep here, WANDERLUST | 29. March 2017

“Das Posthotel” & “Hochleger Chalets” in Zillertal, Tirol

During our time in Zillertal with Peak Performance, we had the most amazing accommodation in Zell am Ziller. Some of us, including me, stayed at the wonderful “Das Posthotel”. We all had our own Skyloft – super luxury and very comfortable! There was even a bathtub, right next to the window/balcony! I really loved the lobby with all the colorful chairs and this amazing jungle wallpaper… We also enjoyed the Continue reading ““Das Posthotel” & “Hochleger Chalets” in Zillertal, Tirol”

ACTION, ski | 28. March 2017

Zillertal with Peak Performance

Last week Peak Performance invited a bunch of bloggers to enjoy the lovely Zillertal area, to try out some of the many activities, you can do there. Also to taste their yummy culinary! And of course – to get to know Peak Performance a little bit better! For me, the Swedish brand is no stranger and I was super happy to get invited. Mostly I do know Peak Performance from their super nice skiing outfits. Very clean and timeless cuts, plus functional designs and high quality materials. Just how I like it! So here are some impressions, what we did and where we went! Enjoy! Continue reading “Zillertal with Peak Performance”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 21. February 2017

What I wear – Black & Red on Rocks

While we spent the last weekend in Ticino, I couldn’t help to shoot this outfit for Blue Tomato. The scenery is just too nice here! The gorges at the beginning of Valle Maggia is way to beautiful. So after we finished a little climbing session, we walked down to the river and explored! All fluffed up with an awesome down jacket and the comfiest pants I’ve worn in a while! Yep, I could get used to this. Let’s go back!

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ACTION, Gear | 6. June 2016

Fluffy Jackets

Oh man, I’m super sad that all my fluffy down jackets are gone. I hope the person who robbed us, gave my three jackets some girl, who probably needed them more than me. But the thing is, I do wear my down jackets a lot. Not only when we are up in the mountains, I wear them also to work, under a light streetwear jacket. I put them nearly always in my bag – because down jackets are light and don’t need much space. So if it’s getting cold, I’m always prepared. I had a black Peak Performance one, which I used nearly every day during fall and winter and a pink one, I bought in Iceland. I looooooooved the pink one, since it looks so nice as a contrast to nature. So yeah, I really wand a black and a pink one again. I know – it’s summer, but I found some nice ones anyway! 😉
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