INSPIRATION, lookbook | 13. April 2017


I’m not really into surfing… you know, because sharks. Yep. But I’m very much into art! And Jeff Canham combines surfing with art, since he worked over 5 years for Surfers Magazine! Now he’s works in San Francisco in a sign shop – how awesome is this? As a graphic-designer I totally love typography and of course good signs! 😉 Continue reading “O’NEILL X JEFF CANHAM”

Good Night with Blue Tomato

First thing I do, when I get home after work – and won’t leave the house anymore – is putting on some sweat pants and a pullover, removing my make-up (if I don’t forget it) for instant end-of-work-feeling! On top , some cozy socks and maybe a good book, if I’m not too lazy. I have to admit, most of the time it’s not a book, more Netflix & Chill… Continue reading “Good Night with Blue Tomato”