She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 5. January 2016

WHAT I WEAR – First snow with Burton!

Here is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago, when there was actually snow around. The snow is gone, but I still love the outfit. I don’t have a lot of brown and beige colored stuff and always a bit confused when it comes to brown, how to combine it. I’m also a person who thinks, that brown and black shouldn’t be worn together – but I broke this rule – I guess everybody does, but I’m just not so confident about this combination of colors. Anyway, I think this brown/beige/black/pink outfit is kind of nice, right? I’m still not sure and thinking about to buy this Patagonia corduroy pants in bear brown to match the Burton cardigan… I already have the arbor green one and so in love with those pants… yeah. Luxury problems, I know, but when something fits perfectly?

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