ACTION, Gear | 6. June 2016

Fluffy Jackets

Oh man, I’m super sad that all my fluffy down jackets are gone. I hope the person who robbed us, gave my three jackets some girl, who probably needed them more than me. But the thing is, I do wear my down jackets a lot. Not only when we are up in the mountains, I wear them also to work, under a light streetwear jacket. I put them nearly always in my bag – because down jackets are light and don’t need much space. So if it’s getting cold, I’m always prepared. I had a black Peak Performance one, which I used nearly every day during fall and winter and a pink one, I bought in Iceland. I looooooooved the pink one, since it looks so nice as a contrast to nature. So yeah, I really wand a black and a pink one again. I know – it’s summer, but I found some nice ones anyway! 😉
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ski | 8. February 2016


A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Marmot Women’s Winter Camp powered by K2! And it was awesome! A mixture between pure enjoying yourself for example at the amazing SPA of our hotel, good food and skiing with like minded women! Sounds good right? Yeah, it does and it was. We had no good weather and not that much snow, but our guide managed to find powder lines anyway. We also had an avalanche saftey course at the mountain and also theory lecture. Which is always good, since everyone needs a renew their memory. And after hitting the powder we did some serious aprés-skiing… So the whole trip was just perfect! Thanks to K2 Skis for inviting me to this amazing trip!