ACTION, climb, Hike | 15. September 2016

Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland

I told you already that we went to Switzerland for some climbing last weekend. But here are some more images from our trip. Seriously – this place is so amazing and wild camping is so easy, if you follow the rules. Don’t leave trash and if someones around, just ask, if it’s ok to camp here. And the people around the Klausenpass are normally very welcome to wild campers/climbers. 😉 At least, that’s how we felt. I even had the chance to peek into this little cheese hut, where the farmer was looking after his cheese. Oh cheeeeese…. Continue reading “Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland”

Weekend Vibes | 12. September 2016


We went to Switzerland, postcard-pretty Switzerland, where Heide and Ziegenpeter are probably living. 🙂 No really, it was straight out of a Heidi movie. How people from other countries imagen Switzerland. Mountains, cheese and little cottages everywhere. Very quaint! Love it!  Continue reading “#weekendvibes”