ACTION, climb, vanlife, WANDERLUST | 12. April 2016

Easter Trip Ticino

We spent easter in lovely Ticino/Switzerland. I guess we do this every year, but this time I could spent the whole time there, since I had to go home earlier, the last times. So yeeahy! 🙂 We drove to “Cresciano”, which is right after Bellinzona. First we made a quick stop to visit friends in Claro and talked about, where we wanna go bouldering the next day. So Cresciano it was. It’s always Continue reading “Easter Trip Ticino”

ACTION, Hike | 24. July 2014

Hiking, Ducklings & Lights

I wanted to share some impressions of a past long weekend we spent at Lake Como. We went climbing, hiking, fed cute ducklings and watched at the city lights and glowworms over the lake. It was very lovely! 🙂 I would totally tell you guys which tour we hiked, but we have no glue. We just drove up a mountain with our van, searching for a good wild camping spot. Then we just started to walk/hike and stumbled up this nice tour! We did not expected that it would be quite a long one with snow patches and everything, but we manages it anyways! We were a little bit ashamed that we didn’t take a jacket, something to drink and eat with us… only the camera… A good hiker would normally know! 🙂  Continue reading “Hiking, Ducklings & Lights”

Countries, WANDERLUST | 23. April 2012

Milano & Finale Ligure, Côte d’Azur & Gorges du Verdon

We drove to Milano, Finale Ligure (awesome little place for climbing), Monaco, Nice, Cannes and to the amazing Gorges du Verdon – all in one week! We were mostly in the mountains, sleeping between olive trees and were climbing. Well, I tried to. 😉 The food amazing, we ate a lot of pizza and bought olives from the local farmer. We found some amazing spots for wild camping and I went climbing outside for the first time!

Continue reading “Milano & Finale Ligure, CĂ´te d’Azur & Gorges du Verdon”