Weekend Vibes | 6. March 2017


Weekends are way too short. That’s a fact. It was quite slow, but ended with a huge bonfire in the rain. It’s an old tradition, in the area, where we live – called “Funken”. If you wanna know exactly what this fire is about, you should google it, but in less words – Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

AT HOME, interior | 3. May 2016

HARTÔ – Finest Design from France

The french brand HARTÔ, based in Paris, is one amazing furniture label. Smart and colorful, that’s what the website says. I think their stuff is amazing, so simple – you can easily add your own style, from minimal to girly to anything you feel like! 🙂 I’m extremely in love with the chair in mint below… ok, basically in love with everything below! Go over to their website and see for yourself… 
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Weekend Vibes | 19. October 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

The first picture reflects pretty much the whole weekend. It was raining, nearly all the time. We spent most of the time inside, relaxing and playing. Baking a chocolate cake and when it stopped raining, we went for a tiny run outside. So yeah… not so adventurous. But I also cleared my wardrobe and you can shop some items here via Kleiderkreisel. I’ll upload them from time to time, so come back and check what’s new!

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