Living With Kids, MAYBE BABY | 24. April 2017

Nursery Inspiration – Forest Green

I’m halfway through the pregnancy and it’s still way to early to prepare the nursery, but I’m so, so impatient! I would love to start RIGHT NOW… ok, I have to admit – maybe I already started a little bit. Starting with some ideas, how the nursery could look like. And as you guys all know, we do love the forest… (ehhh – we got married in the woods!), why not having a forest themed nursery? I love dark green and all things nature/forest related. Here’s a little bit of inspiration for the nursery… I wonder how it will look like in the end, though.

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Videos, WANDERLUST | 18. August 2016

Travel Inspiration – Sweden

So, the little brother of a dear friend of mine is a really good film maker. His newest video, called “SVERIGE“, is very, very pretty. And if I would describe it with my own words (and with my awesome background knowledge here) – it shows the love of my friend Elena for this country. Her family found the prettiest holiday-house over there and came back for some quality time several times now. Ahhh, just watch the video and you wanna go to Sweden! Continue reading “Travel Inspiration – Sweden”

forest wedding, INSPIRATION | 26. July 2016

The Wedding – Dress Inspiration

Awwwww… I’m super excited, when I think about getting married. There’s so much to do, to organize and to figure out. But to be honest, when someone says “wedding” my first thought goes straight to the dress. Yes, very cliche and of course I also think about commitment and love and stuff like this, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself and share only the material stuff with you guys instead. 🙂
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