ACTION, Hike | 24. July 2014

Hiking, Ducklings & Lights

I wanted to share some impressions of a past long weekend we spent at Lake Como. We went climbing, hiking, fed cute ducklings and watched at the city lights and glowworms over the lake. It was very lovely! 🙂 I would totally tell you guys which tour we hiked, but we have no glue. We just drove up a mountain with our van, searching for a good wild camping spot. Then we just started to walk/hike and stumbled up this nice tour! We did not expected that it would be quite a long one with snow patches and everything, but we manages it anyways! We were a little bit ashamed that we didn’t take a jacket, something to drink and eat with us… only the camera… A good hiker would normally know! 🙂  Continue reading “Hiking, Ducklings & Lights”