She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 14. March 2016



It’s time to dance! Time to dance in comfy shoes – with the new ECCO Intrinsic 2 on your feet! 19.03.206 in Hamburg. It’ll be loud with DJ Shaq and also colorful with some performances! Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the sunset near my hometown and listen some good music, to get into the vibe! Follow this link and enjoy! Stay tuned, go over to ECCO, discover now and be #partofmyworld


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She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 10. November 2015

#partofmylife with ECCO INTRINSIC

Today I wanna tell you a little secret – it is super hard to find interesting urban spots for outfit shootings in my hometown. You probably all know now, that I live in a small town, but here is one of my “secret” spots: The neighbor’s garage, haha. No, really! I love the light there and nobody is watching me, while I do weird moves to have some fun photos. At least I hope there is no security camera somewhere… Anyway another not-so-secret secret – my new shoes: the brand new ECCO intrinsic sneakers! And I can proudly say, I’m one of their #partofmylife ambassadors! Those sneakers are super comfy and yeah… part of my life now!

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