She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 18. November 2015


A while ago a posted my all grown up Nikita Clothing outfit, today I’ll show the other side. Adventurous, outdoorsy and curious. That’s why I fell in love with Nikita in the first place. The Icelandic brand is for girls who love nature, who interact with nature, go outside – for girls who ride! So I might not be riding in these images below, but I enjoyed a short walk in my comfy Nikita Clothing outfit! And the riding part will come soon, hopefully!

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Sleep here, WANDERLUST | 29. October 2015


I told you guys already <<here>> what we did last weekend, but here is the full story. 🙂

We went to Austria – Brandnertal, to be exactly and stayed at the wonderful hotel – Walliserhof! A hotel with amazing interior, which makes every designer-heart beat faster. But have a look at the following images – it’s awesome! Antlers & red velvet mixed with scandinavian aesthetics. At least I would describe it like that! I loved it!

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Weekend Vibes | 26. October 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

A weekend in the mountains is a weekend well spent. And if you stay at an amazing hotel it’s even more well spent! 🙂 The Walliserhof in Brandnertal/Austria was our destination – and it was sooo nice! Amazing food, a bathtub with the best view and a nice hike! What do you need more? But I’ll tell you more about our stay at Walliserhof later this week. Meanwhile, just enjoy these image and be inspired to get outside!

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Weekend Vibes | 28. September 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Oh weekend… why did you end so fast? A little bit of climbing, going to the mountains with my grandma, hunting down the UPS delivery man, new iPhone 6s and decorating the living room wall – that was my weekend. Pretty nice, huh? And a little tip – if you ever go to Brand (Brandnertal/Austria) make sure to visit the restaurant Frööd on top of the – it’s amazing!

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