ACTION, Gear, She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 10. November 2017

Into the woods with Fjällräven

While my husband was busy rocking the boulder “Rainbow Rocket” I was wandering through the amazing woods around this lonely boulder in  Fontainebleau. I was rocking no boulder, but my amazing outfit Fjällräven sent me just before our trip! A perfect match for the colder season, which is about to start… and with those Palladium boots, I can’t take off anymore. 😉 I’m so enjoying fall! Happy me – plus the beanie and the sweater are made of recycled wool, pretty nice, if you ask me! Continue reading “Into the woods with Fjällräven”

Weekend Vibes | 31. October 2016


Only a few days left till the big day… and our days are filled with crafting, organizing, preparing, calling, dancing and a lot more. So we escaped for one night to a “magical forest” for some bouldering. But it was extremely cold, so we’re back home… doing wedding stuff again. Woop! Woop!

Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

Weekend Vibes | 18. July 2016


From the OutDoor (trade show) to the outdoors! 😉 After a busy day at the OutDoor in Friedrichshafen we got up early and drove to Switzerland, to the wonderful Rätikon. The boy went on a multi-pitch tour and I relaxed and watched them through the binoculars. Better than TV! 😉 After Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

ACTION, climb, vanlife, WANDERLUST | 12. April 2016

Easter Trip Ticino

We spent easter in lovely Ticino/Switzerland. I guess we do this every year, but this time I could spent the whole time there, since I had to go home earlier, the last times. So yeeahy! 🙂 We drove to “Cresciano”, which is right after Bellinzona. First we made a quick stop to visit friends in Claro and talked about, where we wanna go bouldering the next day. So Cresciano it was. It’s always Continue reading “Easter Trip Ticino”