ACTION, climb, vanlife, WANDERLUST | 12. April 2016

Easter Trip Ticino

We spent easter in lovely Ticino/Switzerland. I guess we do this every year, but this time I could spent the whole time there, since I had to go home earlier, the last times. So yeeahy! 🙂 We drove to “Cresciano”, which is right after Bellinzona. First we made a quick stop to visit friends in Claro and talked about, where we wanna go bouldering the next day. So Cresciano it was. It’s always Continue reading “Easter Trip Ticino”

ACTION, climb | 10. October 2012

Little Trip to the Magic Wood

If you have boyfriend who is really into bouldering, you will know what “Magic Wood” means. But for me it´s more about the blueberries and the nature. It´s just so magical, hehe. I can highly recommend going there, even if you’re not into bouldering! I’m pretty sure there are some nice hikes around here as well… I can’t wait to go again – and maybe I’ll get stronger, so I can boulder, too! 🙂

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