Weekend Vibes | 6. July 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Way toooooo hot for my taste, but I won’t complain, since we have a cold river a 5min bike ride away from our home… I should have done so much work (in front of the computer), but it was just too hot, so we escaped. I was reading (The Circle, finally!), swimming in the cold river, drinking beer and enjoyed doing mostly nothing. 🙂 Hope you all had an awesome weekend with a lot of cooling-off! 

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She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 4. December 2012

Bikini-Snow Tradition

I told you already that there is a tradition going on in our garden. Every year when the first real snow falls down, I put on my bikini and jump around in the snow. And yes it is super cold, but also super fun. Specially when I start searching for a bikini, while it’s snowing – my Grandma always says: “Oh, is it time again?” Photos: Omi

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