Maybe baby – Mastering baby food

Wow – it took me some time to manage this baby food thing. Cooking and mixing, freezing and to-go-ready! How exhausting… breastfeeding is so much easier, but right after we got back from Australia we started with purees… I won’t write down what kind of food is the best to start with and what you should add/use or not! But I will tell you about some little helpers we used in the baby kitchen! Continue reading “Maybe baby – Mastering baby food”

Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl

Oh wow – nearly one year with this little girl! How time flies – I mean it!!! Her birthday is coming soon and people ask what she wants. What does a one year old want or need?! I really don’t know, but here’s some lovely inspiration! Maybe a little bike – she can’t use now, but probably very soon! A high quality cardigan or something to play with! I would take everything – so in love with all this yellow mellow things… so that’s myΒ her happy first birthday wishlist! πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl”

What to pack for Australia – The Baby Version

This will be Clara’s first trip, flying with an airplane. I know, I know – first time flying andΒ already to the other end of the world… but you know, I got the travel bug from my grandparents, so let’s start early, so she gets used to it. πŸ˜‰ Traveling means everything to us and we are super happy to show her the world. Yes, she won’t remember this time, but she’ll remember the feeling of it – Continue reading “What to pack for Australia – The Baby Version”

My top 5 Newborn Essentials

While I was pregnant with our little girl, I was going a bit crazy on online shopping for her… not really knowing what we REALLY need, what’s just pretty and nice to have or really practical. Now, I few months later, I can tell you what you need. At least what I think, you’ll need. So if you are a mom-to-be or in need of a present for new parents, here are my suggestions: Continue reading “My top 5 Newborn Essentials”