Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 1. March 2018

Baby Outfit – Let’s go travelling

Those tiny corduroy pants… I’m super happy I saved this patch and sewed it onto baby’s pants. Just too cute and since we are camping at the moment, it’s very suitable. And I have to say – those tiny woolen socks are the best! We got them from dear friends… have to ask them, who made them. They’re probably the only one, who don’t get off after like 10 seconds… Yeah! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Let’s go travelling”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 14. January 2018

Maybe Baby Outfit – Yellow Mellow

This cute dungarees is so tight already, it won’t fit this much longer. Sadly –  since I really love this one. A lot of older ladies asked me, did you make it yourself? Nope,… bought it myself though. 😉 Anyway, all those items here are loved a lot. The swaddle is just so pretty to catch all the spit ups and Sophie la Girafe is just pure excitement! Hope you like this baby outfit as much as we do! Continue reading “Maybe Baby Outfit – Yellow Mellow”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 23. October 2017

Baby Outfit – Into the Woods

Oh gosh, I just love to put together those tiny outfits. It is so much fun to dress her in all those cute (and cozy!!!) things! 😉 She throws up or poops in it, minutes after getting dressed… yes, yes I know. Every other mom will smile at me for having so much fun with those cute clothing. Buuuuut I always loved cloths and fashion, so why stop now? Only because it will get dirty in seconds… or the fact she will wear it only for a few weeks? It’s crazy how fast she is growing, but I don’t care! 😉 I will stop writing now and show you a cute outfit. 😉 And there will follow more… Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Into the Woods”