Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 9. November 2018

Baby Outfit – Happy in Wonderland

Happy baby in a rose colored wonderland! It’s such a cliché – girls and the color pink/rose. But when your mother is in love with those colors, you kinda don’t have a choice. Until she can decide for herself of course! Till then she has to deal with hearts and soft colors from time to time! Plus I can’t wait to tell and read her the story of Alice in Wonderland – the book is illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Anna and Nathan Bond – Rifle Paper Co. I’m a huge fan and their stuff makes me happy! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Happy in Wonderland”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 26. September 2018

Baby Outfit – Going North

This outfit is inspired by this amazing book cover! I say covers, since I didn’t have the time to read it yet – but really looking forward so. I’m in love with everything arctic. The girl had a polar-bear onsie, when show was tiny and with jacket, she got from my best friend, she has the toddler version of the polar bear clothing. 😉 I know, a lot of people don’t like the ears on baby clothes, but I love it! And this merino body is the best for little explorers! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Going North”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 22. June 2018

Baby Outfit – Fall Leaves in Summer

Oh it’s good to have talented friends and family! I bought this cute fabric and didn’t know what to do with it… only thing I’m sewing are blankets so far. But my mother in law just made this super cute playsuit! We’ll take it to Iceland – super comfy I believe. And this little bunny rattle?! So, so cute! My friend Babsi made it for our baby girl… she’s the maker behind the brand beaniefabrik. So this is an outfit for cool summer evenings or warmer days in Iceland. 😉
Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Fall Leaves in Summer”