Countries, FEATURED, Iceland, WANDERLUST | 12. September 2018

Around Iceland – Seyðisfjörður, Hengifoss & Another Waterfall


We started our trip in Seyðisfjörður, since we came this way with the ferry! We had two days of super sunny weather and enjoyed this little village with all its amazing art. We also ended out trip there at the right time – when the LungA Art Festival took part. We can highly recommend strolling through all parts of this village and have lunch at the Nordic Restaurant. Continue reading “Around Iceland – Seyðisfjörður, Hengifoss & Another Waterfall”

AT HOME, interior | 11. September 2018

Terrace Inspiration

We are currently thinking about renovating/updating our terrace. We have quite a big garden, but no shade during the day. I only realized that, after our daughter started to crawl. Suddenly the girl could move and wanted to discover every corner! The summer was amazing so we went outside a lot and this is when I saw, that our terrace needed an update. A roof for shade an bigger with different stones. We are in the middle of planning with professional help – but in my mind the project is already done and I can decorate it! 😉 Hopefully the husband won’t read this… Here is my little garden/terrace inspiration. Hope you like! Continue reading “Terrace Inspiration”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 11. September 2018

What I wear – Rose by the River

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A few weeks earlier we took a two day vacation and went camping in Vorarlberg, Austria. Just a 40min drive away… next to the river! It was super warm, so we even took a dip at 10 o’clock in the evening. I write this several times here before, but I prefer rivers during summer. They are way cooler Continue reading “What I wear – Rose by the River”

Australia, Countries, WANDERLUST | 6. September 2018

WA – Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay – what a beach! It looks like a postcard…  and felt kinda unreal. This was the most south we got on our trip and from Lucky Bay we drove back to direction Perth. But back to this beautiful beach… if you have the right car and are a little bit experienced when it come to driving on sand, you can drive on this beach! This was perfect for us, since there is no shade at all and with out baby we need shade. So we drove on the beach, popped up our roof tent and enjoyed this view! It was such a perfect day. Right next to the beach is a camping site and we got lucky – Continue reading “WA – Lucky Bay”