She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 3. April 2017

What I wear – Spring , Stripes & Rosé

There was some sunshine last week and I got all the spring vibes! Colorful striped linen, perfect spring coat and a bright colors everywhere. We found this beautiful door and just had to do a quick outfit shooting… I really hope spring will be here for real now! It’s so much nicer, when you get off work and it’s still bright outside. Plus I really enjoy ice-cream now. Yep! And ice-cream is always better with sunshine!  Continue reading “What I wear – Spring , Stripes & Rosé”

WEEKEND WARRIOR | 3. April 2017


Oh weekend where are you? I have the feeling we didn’t had one… A lot of private stuff is going on – I won’t bother you with it, so let’s just say, the weekend was too short to do things we love! Instead we had to “adult” and get shit done! 😉 But hey, that’s life, right? … Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

Sleep here, WANDERLUST | 29. March 2017

“Das Posthotel” & “Hochleger Chalets” in Zillertal, Tirol

During our time in Zillertal with Peak Performance, we had the most amazing accommodation in Zell am Ziller. Some of us, including me, stayed at the wonderful “Das Posthotel”. We all had our own Skyloft – super luxury and very comfortable! There was even a bathtub, right next to the window/balcony! I really loved the lobby with all the colorful chairs and this amazing jungle wallpaper… We also enjoyed the Continue reading ““Das Posthotel” & “Hochleger Chalets” in Zillertal, Tirol”