He Wears, She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 4. February 2016

WHAT I WEAR – Catching Sunlight

We went catching for sunlight at one of my favorite “outfit-shooting-places”… 🙂 It was super windy, but we found the last rays of sunlight and took some nice images, before iat started to rain. Anyway, I’m wearing a super nice blazer, which is more like a jacket with the style of a blazer, since it’s warm and heavy. To be honest – could be also labeled under “grandpa-blazer”. A very good looking one, if you ask me. And my sunglasses are just perfect…right? I love when you can’t see the eyes behind and observe everyone around. 🙂 The boy is wearing a puffy jacket with a color-combination I really love – black and olive. Nothing better like those colors… and the boy in it. 🙂

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