Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 19. March 2018

Baby Outfit – Oh Spatz & Cashmere Dungarees

I wish those cashmere dungarees came in my size as well… pretty envious. But hey, only the best for the little ones, right? πŸ˜‰ Our baby sling from Oh Spatz is in use nearly every day – right now as well. Otherwise I could not really work at the computer… She wants to be very near! So baby slings are perfect for working moms! Oh and the story behind this cute little hat? The grandmother of my best friend made it for her. And now Clara is wearing it! Cute right? πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Oh Spatz & Cashmere Dungarees”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 13. March 2018

Baby Outfit – Summer Vibes

Here comes a little outfit that might not fit into the season at home right now, but it definitely fits here in Australia. I bought this little romper/body while I was pregnant and just found out, that it will be a girl. Before that I went crazy on cute neutral clothing, but I thought we really need a little bit of girly stuff as well! And yes… this was not the only rose/pink body I bought… πŸ˜‰ #teampink Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Summer Vibes”

Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 1. March 2018

Baby Outfit – Let’s go travelling

Those tiny corduroy pants… I’m super happy I saved this patch and sewed it onto baby’s pants. Just too cute and since we are camping at the moment, it’s very suitable. And I have to say – those tiny woolen socks are the best! We got them from dear friends… have to ask them, who made them. They’re probably the only one, who don’t get off after like 10 seconds… Yeah! Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Let’s go travelling”