Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl

Oh wow – nearly one year with this little girl! How time flies – I mean it!!! Her birthday is coming soon and people ask what she wants. What does a one year old want or need?! I really don’t know, but here’s some lovely inspiration! Maybe a little bike – she can’t use now, but probably very soon! A high quality cardigan or something to play with! I would take everything – so in love with all this yellow mellow things… so that’s my her happy first birthday wishlist! 😉 Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl”

Packing for Iceland with a baby

Oh Iceland – I can’t wait to show my baby girl how beautiful you are! So here is a little list, what to pack for Iceland with a baby. If – no you NEED to hike in Iceland this list might help. When the baby can’t walk yet, a carrier is perfect. Just make sure the tiny one is warm enough. The weather will change ever 5min. 😉 Happy hiking!

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Baby Outfits, FEATURED, MAYBE BABY | 22. June 2018

Baby Outfit – Fall Leaves in Summer

Oh it’s good to have talented friends and family! I bought this cute fabric and didn’t know what to do with it… only thing I’m sewing are blankets so far. But my mother in law just made this super cute playsuit! We’ll take it to Iceland – super comfy I believe. And this little bunny rattle?! So, so cute! My friend Babsi made it for our baby girl… she’s the maker behind the brand beaniefabrik. So this is an outfit for cool summer evenings or warmer days in Iceland. 😉
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Baby Outfits, MAYBE BABY | 3. May 2018

Baby Outfit – Red Dungarees & Monchichi

Our girls is really into her Monchichi and I’m really into tiny dungarees… I thing dungarees are the best and cutest on babies. I bought this way before she was born and didn’t know about sizes… so it will be too small soon, but I hope she can wear it a little bit during our German summer! Plus, she has her own Kanken already… yeah, this is my girl.  Continue reading “Baby Outfit – Red Dungarees & Monchichi”