Wedding Leftovers

Ahhhh our wedding… was so amazing! Still overwhelmed by the feelings, when I think about that day! #inlove &  perfect day! I’ll show you guys some “leftovers” from this day. Things that I used/wore on this day, presents and memories. For example my “dancing dress”, the bottle of Moet and our (very royal) first official moment as a married couple. I also dried some flowers from our decoration and saved some candles! So we can go back in memories, during those cold days…  Continue reading “Wedding Leftovers”

Good Night with Blue Tomato

First thing I do, when I get home after work – and won’t leave the house anymore – is putting on some sweat pants and a pullover, removing my make-up (if I don’t forget it) for instant end-of-work-feeling! On top , some cozy socks and maybe a good book, if I’m not too lazy. I have to admit, most of the time it’s not a book, more Netflix & Chill… Continue reading “Good Night with Blue Tomato”