AT HOME, DIY, Gear, INSPIRATION | 17. August 2016

The Saunagondel

A while ago… around last Christmas, a good friend of mine Felix Tarantik and his friend Toni Egger built a sauna into an old ski gondola. Hell yes, that was such a good idea! If you wanna read a little bit more about this project, go over to GLADnews and check their article about my talented friends. I’ll just show you some photos of our new years eve, where we tested the Saunagondel!  Continue reading “The Saunagondel”

Countries, DIY, WANDERLUST | 25. April 2016

Travel Inspiration for Oregon

Ahhhhh less than two weeks to go! 🙂 Can’t wait! I already bookmarked so many places, websites and blogs with travel tips for Oregon and made an awesome route on Roadtrippers <– amazing website, by the way! So I thought I’ll share some inspiration with you guys! I also used some free and rainy time at home, for some artsy action – I created a tiny Oregon with NOCH! Do you like it?  Continue reading “Travel Inspiration for Oregon”

AT HOME, DIY | 21. April 2016

DIY – Tennis racket with a heart

I while ago I stumbled upon the Instagram account of artist Danielle Clough and was completely in love with her embroidery. I thought to myself – hey there are some old tennis rackets on my grandma’s attic, why I don’t try to do something similar. Not really embroider, just weave/braid/plait pink wool through the racket mesh, since I’m not really good and patient enough to create something as beautiful as Danielle Clough does! 🙂 So here is what I did: Continue reading “DIY – Tennis racket with a heart”