Yeah I know, what a strange mixture over here in the #lovelythings section… But it’s all about lovely things and all those things are. Slip-ons with bows? Hell yeah L-O-V-E-L-Y! I waited so long for those f-Troupe shoes and finally they’re on sale! Not anymore, but still available. The next lovely thing is my newest addition in the category “I-don’t-need-it-but-I-want-it” – rosé and cork?

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beauty | 18. February 2016

SÓLEY – Icelandic Herbs

While my last stay in Iceland, I discovered Sóley. At our first hotel, I was like – “Ohhh, this soap looks amazing!” You all know, I’m a sucker for good product design. At the next hotel, I went under the shower – there it was a again. This well designed bottle, smelling soooo good. After the third time I saw Sóley at the hotels and restaurants in Iceland, I got curious. Who is behind this brand and what is it about? So I checked their website.

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Allgemein, beauty | 3. June 2014

Aqua Dome – so relaxing!

A couple of weeks ago – right after standing, for hours, watching the Boulder World Cup – 
we were invited to relax at the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld for one whole day. And what can I 
say? It was pure wellness-awesomeness. We started with a nice breakfast including
some prosecco and some crazy yummy nut honey… right after that we tried every sauna 
there was from “Gletscherglühen”to the amazing SPA 3000 – this area is amazing!!! I got 
addicted to the tea they offered… really. But look at those pictures and go for a wellness 
day yourself… it’s so worth it. Thanks again to the Aqua Dome Team!