AT HOME, FEATURED, Maybe Baby | 20. October 2017

Our little Forest Baby!

Our little forest baby… she’s everything! The past two month have been so exiting and precious! We’re soaking in every moment with our little girl and are getting used to have this little human in our life. This little human who stole our hearts and slows down our schedule. But we are totally fine with that! 😉 But honestly… everything takes a biiiiit longer. When we want to leave the house it’s always, oh “shit” – Continue reading “Our little Forest Baby!”

AT HOME, Maybe Baby | 13. October 2017

Maybe Baby & working – all at the same time

As you can see – this blog is still running, even with a newborn by my side. Ok, it’s a bit less and everything comes a bit slower, but I’m still on it and hope you guys like to follow along. A newborn is sleeping a lot during the day and so it’s quite easy to get things done. Sometimes. Sometimes she’s wide awake and just wants to be in my arms. Then it’s not so easy to get things done! 😉 But a huge helper is Continue reading “Maybe Baby & working – all at the same time”