ACTION, climb, Hike | 15. September 2016

Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland

I told you already that we went to Switzerland for some climbing last weekend. But here are some more images from our trip. Seriously – this place is so amazing and wild camping is so easy, if you follow the rules. Don’t leave trash and if someones around, just ask, if it’s ok to camp here. And the people around the Klausenpass are normally very welcome to wild campers/climbers. 😉 At least, that’s how we felt. I even had the chance to peek into this little cheese hut, where the farmer was looking after his cheese. Oh cheeeeese…. Continue reading “Wild Camping & Climbing – Klausenpass in Switzerland”

ACTION, Gear, Hike, INSPIRATION, lovelythings | 1. September 2016

Teva Hiking Boots – Arrowood

A couple of weeks ago a package landed in my mail with the brand new Arrowood Lux boots from Teva in it. Pretty nice and perfect timing, since I was on the search for some lighter approach shoes. I ordered myself the Teva sandals just before, after I saw them on so many American outdoor blogs and on the OutDoor trade show. (Ok to be fair, some German blogs already hipped them as well, but I’m more about their outdoorsy side…) Continue reading “Teva Hiking Boots – Arrowood”

ACTION, Hike | 17. May 2016


So this was last year, I kinda forgot about these images! But I wanted to share them with you guys, while I’m in Oregon. 🙂 So this is one of my most favorite places around where we live. It’s in Vorarlberg, Kennelbach. You just walk along the river as long as you want! It looks a little bit like…  Continue reading “NEXT TO THE RIVER”

Countries, Hike, WANDERLUST | 8. March 2016

ROADTRIP MONTENEGRO – Durmitor Mountains

So here is the last part of our Montenegro Trip. After snorkeling and swimming, comes hiking! We drove all the way to the Durmitor mountains in Montenegro, what a great place for us outdoorsy folk! From long hikes to slow hikes around beautiful lakes, Durmitor has everything. We stayed at a camping place at the very end of the city Zabljak, called Auto Camp Ivan Do. I saw some cute cottaged, where you can stay as well. A lot of hotels are abandoned – one looks like the hotel in “The Shining”. But if you like to explore abandoned stuff, like me, that’s a good place! 🙂 Just sayin…

Continue reading “ROADTRIP MONTENEGRO – Durmitor Mountains”