INSPIRATION, lovelythings, wishlist | 25. August 2016

The Wedding – Shoes

O-M-G! I had no idea how tricky it is to find the perfect wedding shoe. Oh dear, I’m so near to just skip this part and leave my cute Luis Trenker (wedding) hiking boots on for the whole day… buuuuut… I’m a serious shoe lover and if not to your own wedding then when can you wear a glamorous shoe? Yeah. There has to be a little bit of glitter somewhere! 😉 Continue reading “The Wedding – Shoes”

WEEKEND WARRIOR | 22. August 2016


This past weekend was my bachelorette party! We had a nice time together in Austria. Just some girls, bikinis and good talks. Nothing spectacular, just quality time! 😉 Some of my dearest friends where missing though, but since we all live in different places, it was super nice, that even so many had time to come. Thanks girls!

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