Sep 18, 2014

Urban Outfitters "The Collective" No. 7 – shot in Iceland!

I like Urban Outfitters. I like Iceland (obviously) – so I like Urban Outfitters "The Collective" 
No. 7 even more. Click <<here>> to see more amazing images from this shooting in 
Iceland. I am a huge fan of the first outfit here below – dots are always good, right?

Sep 17, 2014

Nanushka Fall/Winter Lookbook 2014

Holy macaroni! What a great designer!!! I found Nanushka while clicking through one of
my favorite blogs and I am blown away! clean cuts and awesome colors. I want that
first outfit here! Blue-grey – tone on tone – done! Click <<here>> to see the whole collection!

Sep 16, 2014

Flashback: BBQ at our little cottage

Just because these pictures are so amazing – a flashback to the BBQ at our cottage! This was 
some years ago, haha, but it looks good right? All you need, good food, your best friends and
some cows... Definitely have to do this again – before the cold season is coming!

Sep 15, 2014

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

This weekend was exhausting!!! Dancing all night (in rubber boots) and coming home 
in the morning. Birthday parties with awesome food (Katrin, normally I don't eat desert, 
but it was just too good! <3) and an unexpected hike or more a crazy running down the
mountain action – oh gosh, everything hurts now!!!

Sep 12, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

Awesome Nikita shirt! | Just gorgeous this HAY wine glas! | I want these Vic boots!
I like this cute little kork sleeve from eve&adis | Check out this Element Eden Bag via Blue Tomato!

Sep 10, 2014

Nikita Clothing Lookbook Fall/Winter 2014

Woop Woop – Nikita's new fall/winter lookbook is out now and of course available in
your favorite stores and online. Check the whole collection << here >>!

I love the knit pieces (third image)  and long dresses (last images) most. Nikita also
launched a new line this season – called Nikita Life. I have to say, for me, Nikita 
stays an action-skate-snowboard-mountain-related brand, so I am not sure about it.
maaaaybe the new line wants me to do some yoga? Hm? Should I give it a try?


Fresh Bread

When I went with my two best friends on a roadtrip in Sweden we visited by mistake
(a yummy one) 
a little bakery in the middel of nowhere. We asked in the local supermarket 
if there is a place to get breakfast around here. And the lady just invited us to her home –
her husband and son 
made some fresh bread in their little bakery for us. We had a simple 
awesome breakfast.
All photos by Fabian Weiss

Sep 9, 2014

Brixton Lookbook Fall 2014

Currently I am having a crush on hats. You all know, that I am a beanie girl. Winter and 
summer, I don't care. So Brixton has caps, beanies and hats – perfect for me! And they 
are awesome! I love the fall lookbook with all these relaxed styles! Need the forest green
and the yellow mellow one for this fall!

Sep 8, 2014

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Just remind yourself, even if you think life is unfair and it sucks so bad, remember
yourself – there are always people with bigger problems! :-) So stop thinking that much
and have your favorite breakfast! 

Sep 5, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

I want this cute RVCA overall! | Just gorgeous – Lika Mimika espadrillles. | I like Løv Organic tea! |
Check out this amazing scarf via & other Stories! | Awesome book! via