Sep 2, 2015


Before we went on our road-trip to Croatia and Montenegro, we googled "wild camping" in those countries. We love to wild camp – no annoying tourists, no tiny spaces, no disgusting showers. We prefer to be on our own, bathing in a river or under our solar shower (or not at all, after spotting a snake in the river). We love to hear the sounds of nature and not the camping ground neighbours. 

So we're always on the search for good spots, to avoid official camp sites, if it's possible. Sometimes it isn't and when you google "wild camping in Croatia/Montenegro" you'll find different answers. Officially it is forbidden in both countries – but some say don't do it in Croatia (and we heard some stories of our friends, who got caught, which was expensive). Some say it's ok to wild camp in Montenegro, if you're not in a national park. We had so many different answers... so we thought we'll just decide on site. 

And here is our opinion: Just do it – if you find a nice place, not next to the tourist areas, a little bit hidden, just go for it. We checked google earth to see where those gravel roads are going and if there are houses on the end. Olive groves are also pretty nice, pull-in/picnic areas on passes always have stunning view. Ruins, old churches and castles are a good choice as well. Don't stay the whole day, leave early and please do not leave your trash !!! and you're good. 

If there're locals around, ask them, if it would be ok to stay the night and in our case – they were super nice and ok with it, as long as you don't make a fire. Sometime you get lucky (or more drunk, than lucky) and get invited to their homes and can stay the night on their property. Which is awesome, when you are in a national park and not so sure about wild camping or not. 

If you need tips or the exact spots, where we wild camped – don't be shy and write me a mail. I'm happy to let you know, where we went as long as you don't leave your trash. :)

Sep 1, 2015

eve & adis – brand new home collection!

eve & adis, you did it again! Their jewelry, bags and backpacks collection made out of the finest and coolest fabrics (for example cork) are just amazing! I'm a fan from the very beginning. But now they surprised me again with their new HOME section. Cute clay bowls, plant hangers, magazine and laptop stands, pillows and a lot more! I'm hooked! My favorites are the magazine stand and dreamcatchers...

Aug 31, 2015

WHAT I WEAR: Camp Vibes // with Blue Tomato

Before we left to Montenegro, Blue Tomato and I teamed up again to create a "camp-vibes" outfit! And here is the result – a cozy hoodie for the evening, the perfect summer hat and some denim shorts with cute flower details! And of course simple and always perfect: all-black slip-ons. These four items are a must have for all summer road-trips!

hat: Brixton Dixie | hoodie: Poler Stuff | shorts: BellField Jolene | slip-ons: Vans

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Woop woop I am back home in Germany since Wednesday! I'm working on some blogposts about our road-trip to Montenegro, but this past weekend... I was just relaxing next to the lake, biking with friends and enjoyed being home again. So it might take a little bit, before I can give you an update! But I am working on it! Hope you all had an amazing summer!

Jul 31, 2015


For the next couple of weeks, you won't read anything new over here, since we are going on another road trip for four weeks. Yeah – lucky us! But you can go over to my Instagram account @maybeyoulike to follow our adventures through Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro! And if you have any tips – let me know!


Two friends of us travelled 17 countries in the past 8 month in their van, searching for amazing climbing and bouldering spots. They found pure nature, friendly people and of course great climbs! They started in France, drove to Spain, Portugal, then back to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria. After that they were heading to the east of Europe. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Then to Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and back home...

They showed us the images last week and since then I'm so, so full of wanderlust. Ok, that may be a lie, since I'm always wanna go travel – but hell yeah! East Europe is just AMAZING! Raw and beautiful... I'm hooked! Clemens is also one of the most talented photographers I know personally... You should check out his website and of yours the blog they made for the trip – Kletterrundfahrt for all their images!
It's worth it! 

(I randomly chose the images below – so if you wanna know which image is located where, you need to go to their blog.)