Oct 25, 2014

Relay Rides – A Road-Trip Imagination

Relay Rides asked me to write down my perfect road-trip imagination through a part of 
the USA. I could choose anywhere I would wanna go – as long as there is a Relay Rides 
car to rent. (It took me a while to understand, that Relay Rides is not a normal rental car 
agency, it's kind of a system where you can sign up and rent out your own car, when you 
don't need it and you get money for it, of course!) So anyway, back to my dream road-trip!

First we would fly to Los Angeles and pick up an amazing, classic VW van like this, but only
with the possibility of sleeping inside the car. My boyfriend would love that! Then driving 
from L.A. to Palm Springs – I would spent at least one night at the ACE hotel there. Then 
the road-trip would take direction Las Vegas to see Death Valley and Hoover Dam as well. 

After that we would dip into the amazing nature of the Grand Canyon! And we would 
probably just go explore as much as we can, going on hikes and enjoying nature.

I think if we are already there, in the USA, we would drive the 9 hours (google maps said 
so) to the Yosemite National Park as well! For some climbing, at least the boyfriend would 
be super stoked about that place. :-) Yeah... this road-trip would be a super mixture 
between cities and nature! Just what I love! Let's go! 

Oct 24, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

I want this dress via Zara! | I like these sneakers via frontlineshop. | Awesome phone case via selekkt. | Check out his book via Amazon. | Just gorgeous this Roxy cardigan!

Oct 23, 2014

Current Interior Mood: PINK

Oh Ikea... why? Why do you have so many great things? I would redecorate my living 
room every month or so, if I could afford it. I made this little collage to show you guys 
how I would style this pink statement FRIHETEN couch! My living room table – some 
simple Euro plattes would totally fit in here, right?

Click here for the details: coat check | couch | bowl | pot | fake flower | basket |  fur

Oct 22, 2014

Brown & Rose with Keds

So this was a like two weeks ago, when the weather was still sunny and it felt like summer!
I was wearing my brown Keds paired with a Nikita bag – they make a super cute couple! ;-)
Nothing more to say here – perfect light summer shoe, which is waiting in the shelf for the
warmer season now! But who knows? Maybe there will be a warm fall day soon!

Juniper Ridge – I was waiting for you!

Yes, I was waiting for you, Juniper Ridge – the world's only wild fragrance company! I 
always wanted to have the smell of the forest, river and mountain in my home. And that's
exactly what Juniper Ridge does. I don't know how it really smells – yet – but I will! And
as a designer – just look at this amazing packaging! Awesome right? I am super excited 
to have the smell of wilderness and hiking trips in my home!

Oct 21, 2014

Blue Tomato Shop Opening in Salzburg

30th of October is a date to mark in your calendar, if you live in Salzburg! A brand new 
Blue Tomato shop is opening in the famous Mozart-City! The event is starting at 9:30 am,
Wagenplatz 1, but there is an even bigger party the next day - on Friday! Time to shop and
party hard, I would say! Don't miss it, if you can make it to Salzburg!

Oct 20, 2014

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Sometimes you can describe a place only with the word peaceful! This word totally fits the
place we hiked up during Saturday. We spent the night at this super amazing bivouac, 
made bread on a piece of rock and just enjoyed pure nature. I highly recommend going
up a mountain and sleeping under the stars! Can't wait for our next little adventure!

Oct 17, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

Just gorgeous this Brixton hat via Blue Tomato | Awesome Carhartt shirt via frontlineshop! | I like this Stella McCartney denim via mytheresa. | Check out this amazing calendar via Rikiki! Awesome Nike sneakers via 43einhalb!

Oct 16, 2014

WHAT I WEAR – Chunky Yellow Mellow

Chunky knitted pullovers are perfect for sunny autumn days! And I have a crush on yellow
things right know, as you can tell by looking at my outfit here. :-) Such a happy color, right?

Knit: Zara | Jeans: J Brand | Sneaker: New Balance via Frontlineshop | Bag: ChloƩ

Oct 15, 2014

Burton Lookbook Fall/Winter 2014

Oh Burton... I really like your stuff. And that means something, since I am skier by heart.
But when it comes to style, I put my skier-pride a little bit behind me and just look at 
Burton's new lookbook here. Aren't these outfits amazing? And I mean, it's street wear,
so I probably could wear it anyway? Yes. Gimme that stuff. Now!