Nov 27, 2015


Just gorgeous this fair isle pullover via Boden! | Awesome flat shoes via ASOS! | Check out this 35 days journal via kikki.k! | I like this bag via Individual Medley! | I want this arbor green corduroy Patagonia pants!

Nov 26, 2015


What is your name?
Laura Jayne Austin

What do you do for living and where do you do it?
I shoot photos for a living, of subjects ranging from lifestyle, travel, sports… anything that is appealing to me really. As far as where, I am based out of Los Angeles, but I try to keep the places I shoot as diverse as possible.

What's your favorite part of your job?
There are a lot of things I enjoy about what I do, but to sum it up I would probably saw the opportunity for new experiences. Every shoot is different from another, I’m constantly meeting new people, and am very fortunate to get to travel to new places on a pretty regular basis.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Most of my photo work that pays the bills is quite commercial, so when I have some free time I try to plan little adventures to set out on and just shoot photos for fun. I think it is important to have that balance so that your passion doesn’t just turn into a job.

What was your last travel destination and what will be the next? 
Well… my last one was Uruguay, which was incredible. But I am currently in Colorado visiting family, and I’m going to try to buy a car while I’m out here and drive it back to California. But the next trip I am planning is my “Solo Road Trip” that I always do over New Years. However this time I am changing up the mode of transportation… I think I am going to ride a road bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Favorite city? 
That’s impossible for me to answer since every city has it’s own thing going. But my favorite city I visited recently is probably Istanbul, Turkey. It was amazing to be immersed in a culture that is so different from what I am used to.

Are you on Instagram, if yes can we follow you? :-)  
Haha, yes I am. You can find me at @laura_austin… and of course you can follow me!

Show me your 3 favorite Instagram images you took! 
There are way too many to go through, but here are some of my recent favorites…

Who do you like to follow on Instagram and why? 
Oh man, another tough question. My favorites aren’t just people who take pretty pictures… a lot of time a lo-fi honest look into someone’s life can be just as intriguing if they have an interesting perspective on the world.

Summer or Winter? 
Both… you need contrasts in life to appreciate what you have now or what is to come.

Dress or Jeans?  
Jeans for sure, their more functional… I’ve always been a bit of a tom-boy anyway.

Tv-Show or Movie? 
Depends. TV Shows these days have reached a movie quality so I think they are kind of interchangeable at this point.

Cheese or Bacon? 
I’m lactose intolerant, so I’m going to have to say bacon.

Ocean or Mountains? 
Mountains… I grew up in the mountains so they are pretty nostalgic to me.

Name 5 things you can't live without, when you are going on a roadtrip! 
Podcasts (they help pass the time on long stretches of driving), my camera, sunrises, my phone to help navigate and have some contact with the outside world when I am on long trips by myself, and an open mind.

Ok, last question: if you could be an animal, what would it be?
(Unicorns and dragons are counting as well!)
Anything that could fly… maybe an eagle. It would bring my travel expenses way down ;)

Anything else you wanna say?
Pursue your interests… not a career. Don’t be afraid of change, it is at the edge of uncertainty when some of your most important decisions are made.

Nov 25, 2015

GIVE-AWAY with BLACK CROWS (boys only)

Holy crow! I teamed up with Black Crows for one amazing give-away! This time – for the boys! I thought, it might be nice to show some love for my male readers – it's your turn: You can win one amazing Black Crows outerwear outfit! The corpus jacket in navy and the corpus pants in neon green! And you are ready for some powpow action. Here is what you need to do: write an mail at and let me know your size. Good Luck! Contest ends 01.12.2015 and is open to all readers/countries!

Nov 24, 2015

WEEKEND WARRIOR with Blutsgeschwister

Many asked about this jumpsuit, so I decided to share some images we shoot a couple if weeks ago. I only took the Blutsgeschwister jumpsuit with me, to sleep in it, but when I woke up the next day, I just couldn't strip it off – way too cozy! Had some Icebreaker Merino underwear under it to stay even warmer. I got some weird looks, while biking back to our car on Sunday morning – in a jumpsuit – but to be fair, I must have looked a bit funny. Funny and super comfortable!

jumpsuit: Blutsgeschwister | vest: Nano Puff Patagonia | boots: Scarpa Primitive | headband: Sionyx | backpack: Herschel Supply

Nov 23, 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

I don't have much to tell about the past weekend. :) But here is a cute fox! Happy Monday!

Nov 20, 2015


I like chunky Burton beanies via Blue Tomato! I want this Patagonia Snap-T Pullover! | Just gorgeous this Nena & Co. vintage camera strap! | Check out this Luis Trenker boots! | Awesome, colorful Cat Kidston throw

Nov 19, 2015

Roxy Outdoor Winter Lookbook 2015/16

Ready for the snowy season? Yes?! Here is the Roxy Outdoor Winter Lookbook 2015/16  – full with awesome athletes like Lena Stoffel and Tora Bright and some nice puffy jackets! There's also a really cool cooperation going on between Biotherm and Roxy! Yes, you read right – with a beauty brand! A scarf that'll make your skin nice... crazy stuff, if you ask me, but I like mine. Smell super yummy! :)

Nov 18, 2015


A while ago a posted my all grown up Nikita Clothing outfit, today I'll show the other side. Adventurous, outdoorsy and curious. That's why I fell in love with Nikita in the first place. The Icelandic brand is for girls who love nature, who interact with nature, go outside – for girls who ride! So I might not be riding in these images below, but I enjoyed a short walk in my comfy Nikita Clothing outfit! And the riding part will come soon, hopefully!

Nov 17, 2015

NEVER FORGET with Blue Tomato

I teamed up with Blue Tomato again, this time to show you some important stuff, when you go hit the winterwonderland! So never forget those things, when you go skiing or snowboarding:

Biotherm X Roxy Lana Collar Scarf: I hate it, when your jacket is rubbing your chin. This one has even some SPA in it... Always bring some snacks – Roo'Bar is the perfect one. Always. Opinel knife: Yeah, you just never know, but a pink knife can be very handy. Horsefeathers epic tech socks: Believe me, it's better to wear those skiing/snowboard socks, rather than normal ones. Gloves! Never ever forget your gloves! These are from POW – super fluffy, they even have some pretty nice features: Primaloft and GoreTex! Sunglasses (Roxy) and a beanie (Mons Royale)  for the after-skiing-time are indispensable. Helmet-hair needs to be covered! Just saying... Last but not least – you should have a first aid kit with you, hopefully you'll never need it. This one it from Blue Tomato and is not too big! Aaaand maybe some Avène cold cream on top for nice skin! Now your good to go!

Nov 16, 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

This was one lazy weekend. Beside one stroll through the woods, we did pretty much nothing. :) But sometimes you just have to do that as well... A quite weekend with lots of thinking and talking about the world, after the tragic events on Friday night...