Australia, Countries, WANDERLUST | 24. May 2018

WA – The Margaret River Area

I’m not quite sure where the Margaret River Area starts and ends, but for this post it starts around Gracetown and ends around Hamelin Bay. At least this is where we spent most of our time in Western Australia. I could also call this post – Along Cave Road – take what you want! But let’s start with Gracetown! We stayed there on the Campground and saw the first kangoros up close! That was a really nice thing, plus the beach in Gracetown was the child friendliest one, since there was a sun protected area. We didn’t know, that this is also one of the sharkiest areas around Australia… 😉 There are so many nice beaches for surfing and the man had a lot of fun! So here are some lists & tips, if you’re planning to stay in this area: Continue reading “WA – The Margaret River Area”

Australia, Countries, WANDERLUST | 24. May 2018

WA – A 4×4 track to Three Bears and Surfing in Yallingup

Our first lap with our RedSandsCampers jeep took us to a 4×4 track to Three Bears and after that to Yallingup, both famous surf spots! The hubby bought himself a second hand surfboard (on Gummtree, it’s like ebay Kleinanzeigen) and had a lot of fun. Not only while surfing, also on the 4×4 tracks. I kind of died several times, on those gnarly 4×4 tracks – Continue reading “WA – A 4×4 track to Three Bears and Surfing in Yallingup”

INSPIRATION, wishlist | 15. May 2018

Birthday Wishlist – crab, I’m getting 30!

Oh well… in a few weeks I’m getting 30! For me this sounds like officially being an adult. No twenty-something anymore… 30! I don’t feel like this. I also still have the feeling, that I don’t know exactly, how to adult. 😉 I’m more excited about toy animals, than my daughter and don’t know when I should stop eating chocolate (not in general, more like the amount per day…)! So yeah, this is why my birthday wishlists always have at least one toy animal included. 😉  So cheers to being an adult with a happy inner child! Check out my last wishlist – still carving some of those things! 😉 Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist – crab, I’m getting 30!”