Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl

Oh wow – nearly one year with this little girl! How time flies – I mean it!!! Her birthday is coming soon and people ask what she wants. What does a one year old want or need?! I really don’t know, but here’s some lovely inspiration! Maybe a little bike – she can’t use now, but probably very soon! A high quality cardigan or something to play with! I would take everything – so in love with all this yellow mellow things… so that’s my her happy first birthday wishlist! 😉 Continue reading “Birthday Wishlist Baby Girl”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 6. August 2018

What I wear – mara mea at the beach

Because of this summer heat – here is one of my favorite summer outfits, here worn in Australia. mara mea is THE brand, when it comes to nursing friendly clothing and super cute baby things you need! Like this diaper clutch* or this sun protector*! I’m wearing the “Glowing You” dress* and will probably wearing it much longer… since this heat won’t stop!!! And the nursing won’t stop either. 😉 Continue reading “What I wear – mara mea at the beach”