Oct 9, 2015

Magnum Ice Cream – Be True To Your Pleasure

What is your personal pleasure and the joy of letting go? Magnum Ice Cream and i-D teamed up earlier this year and asked this question rising filmmakers. They choose three winners and let them create their own little movie. They got help from award-winning filmmaker Xavier Dolan (I love his movie Laurence Anyways!) and production support.

And here are the finished short films of the tree winners:

Kai – directed by Andrew Cumming – "Pleasure is letting go"
Kai is a dancer. She loves to dance, practices every day, none stop. But she struggles under the comments of her teacher – she isn't perfect enough. One day her dance partners ask her to join them on a trip to the ocean and through loosing herself, Kai finds her motivation to dance again.
<< Click here to watch the film >>

Wild Space – directed by Kara Smith – "Pleasure is following your heart"
This story is about a fisherman who comes home to his love, but she is not alone. Let's just say, someone will not survive, but there is an happy end! :) 

Zap – directed by Patrick Downing – "Pleasure is ageless"
Awwww, this one is just too cute. An elderly couple in their residential home, enjoying life.
There is nothing more to say, just have a look for yourself and be sure not to miss "the" moment. 

In cooperation with Magnum Ice Cream.


Check out this brand new Nikita Clothing beanie via Blue Tomato! | Just gorgeous & I want them all! Oh Albatross bears via etsy! | I want this fluffy Mou boots! | I like good tea via Aloha! | Awesome matching Nikita Clothing "Brooks Jacket"! 

Oct 8, 2015

LOVELY THINGS: My Tiny Polar Bear

Ok, I have to admit – I'm feeling a little bit bad, about putting my little polar bear into a box. But he fits just perfectly and I guess, maybe it's his house and he comes out at night and plays? Yeah... or I do? Nobody knows. 

glas box: Fesch Livin | polar bear: Schleich | box: Tiger (old)

Oct 7, 2015


Oh gosh... I can't decide which one I like most and if there are better ones I didn't see yet. Can someone help me please? Where can I find nice iPhone 6s cases? It's kinda urgent since I'm a total clumsy clot. I destroyed so many technical objects, it's embarrassing. So I don't wanna destroy my new phone (ok I admit it.. it has already a tiny scratch). Here are some options, but I'm not quite happy. 

The first one is from Rifle Paper Co. (showed you in the last Friday Awesomeness) and this one is kinda my favorite, but so expensive with the shipping to Germany... The one with the pink flamingo is from Eulenschnitt via etsy! I love polar bears a lot, but a fox is also something I really adore... so this one is from Kate Spade via ShopbobOr this super cute iPhoria case with the mirror hidden behind the heart? Or should I just design my own one? Any good suggestions? 

Oct 6, 2015

WHAT I WEAR: #inlove with Craghoppers

I told you about the Craghoppers Heritage collection a couple of weeks ago and that I really like the Hepworth jacket. So here is a little outfit post featuring this coat. I like the color bordeaux (reminds me of red-wine...hmm) and the fabric – "felted effect fleece". Super warm! And also the "matching" shirt, the boy is wearing. Squared shirts are just the best and you can never have enough of them, right? Right.

HERS beanie + shirt: Nikita Clothing | coat: thx to Craghoppers | denim: H&M | sneakers: Nike HIS shirt: thx to Craghoppers | pants: thx to Craghoppers

Oct 5, 2015

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Instagram is just awesome! I'm addicted! This is such great way to discover places, brands and inspiring people. On Saturday morning I was scrolling through my feed and this image caught my attention. I follow a lot of outdoor-minded people and brands, but most of the time, the places they post, are far away. So I was super happy to see, that the image Martina of @kitkat_ch posted was only a good hour with the car away, from where we live! "Google Fälensee – I wanna go there!", I said to the boy and he did. He found a really nice hiking tour through the Saxer Lücke to the Fälensee. Happy girl – I can highly recommend this hike! And after this beautiful trip, we went to the new beer bar in town, enjoying time with our friends. A weekend well spent, I would say!

Oct 2, 2015


Smells like clean linen? I want this candle via Urban Outfitters! | Just gorgeous this crocheted blanket via Urban Outfitters. | I like moss colored Adidas sneakers via Frontlineshop! | Awesome Nikita Clothing pants! | Check out this new brand True Boxers!

Oct 1, 2015

WHAT I WEAR: Black & White & Grey

"Your wardrobe has depressions." – that's what the boy said to me the other day. Hm... maybe he is right. When I'm standing in front of my  wardrobe, thinking about what to wear this day, it's always turning out black. Sometimes a little bit of grey as well. I don't know. I love color – pink, yellow, red... dark green, rosé. But black is easy. And I like wearing all black. So here is another black outfit with a little bit of pattern! :) I hope you like it and if you're feeling to see some color: Click here and here and here

vest: rich&royal | longsleeve: Mons Royale | jeans: H&M | sneaker: Adidas | hat: Brixton

BLUE TOMATO BREGENZ – Win your outfit!

Go over to the maybe you like Facebook page to see the details! Yiieeeepiiieeeyeeahh!

Sep 30, 2015

Element Eden Fall 2015 Lookbook

Element Eden – one of my all time favorite brands. Fluffy, cozy & made to explore fall! I wanna take my girlfriends and go on a little adventure, when I look at this Element Eden lookbook images, right? There are so many amazing coats and jackets – the "Cleo Wool Jacket" is my favorite. What is your favorite piece?

Click <<here>> to see the whole Element Eden Fall 2015 lookbook.