Oct 22, 2014

Brown & Rose with Keds

So this was a like two weeks ago, when the weather was still sunny and it felt like summer!
I was wearing my brown Keds paired with a Nikita bag – they make a super cute couple! ;-)
Nothing more to say here – perfect light summer shoe, which is waiting in the shelf for the
warmer season now! But who knows? Maybe there will be a warm fall day soon!

Juniper Ridge – I was waiting for you!

Yes, I was waiting for you, Juniper Ridge – the world's only wild fragrance company! I 
always wanted to have the smell of the forest, river and mountain in my home. And that's
exactly what Juniper Ridge does. I don't know how it really smells – yet – but I will! And
as a designer – just look at this amazing packaging! Awesome right? I am super excited 
to have the smell of wilderness and hiking trips in my home!

Oct 21, 2014

Blue Tomato Shop Opening in Salzburg

30th of October is a date to mark in your calendar, if you live in Salzburg! A brand new 
Blue Tomato shop is opening in the famous Mozart-City! The event is starting at 9:30 am,
Wagenplatz 1, but there is an even bigger party the next day - on Friday! Time to shop and
party hard, I would say! Don't miss it, if you can make it to Salzburg!

Oct 20, 2014

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Sometimes you can describe a place only with the word peaceful! This word totally fits the
place we hiked up during Saturday. We spent the night at this super amazing bivouac, 
made bread on a piece of rock and just enjoyed pure nature. I highly recommend going
up a mountain and sleeping under the stars! Can't wait for our next little adventure!

Oct 17, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

Just gorgeous this Brixton hat via Blue Tomato | Awesome Carhartt shirt via frontlineshop! | I like this Stella McCartney denim via mytheresa. | Check out this amazing calendar via Rikiki! Awesome Nike sneakers via 43einhalb!

Oct 16, 2014

WHAT I WEAR – Chunky Yellow Mellow

Chunky knitted pullovers are perfect for sunny autumn days! And I have a crush on yellow
things right know, as you can tell by looking at my outfit here. :-) Such a happy color, right?

Knit: Zara | Jeans: J Brand | Sneaker: New Balance via Frontlineshop | Bag: ChloƩ

Oct 15, 2014

Burton Lookbook Fall/Winter 2014

Oh Burton... I really like your stuff. And that means something, since I am skier by heart.
But when it comes to style, I put my skier-pride a little bit behind me and just look at 
Burton's new lookbook here. Aren't these outfits amazing? And I mean, it's street wear,
so I probably could wear it anyway? Yes. Gimme that stuff. Now!

Oct 14, 2014

WHAT I WEAR – Cozy & Super Cool

Wohooooo I just love and kinda live in this outfit! Everything is super comfy, the shoes
so typical-blogger and the beanie is also awesome – cause lately I really hate doing
something with my hair. :-) You can chill on your couch and can easily go to the super-
market as well. At least it is working for me!

The whole outfit is sponsored by Blue Tomato – click on the itmes to get more information!
Beanie: Femi Pleasure | Hoodie: Naketano | Pants: Zine | Sneaker: Adidas 

Oct 13, 2014

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

I was on a short getaway with my Grandma! We went to the Seiser Alm in South Tyrol!
The landscape and nature is amazing! I hiked up the famous Plattkofel, but we were
super glad that we had such an amazing hotel. Because between us... except outdoor
sports – there is nothing to do in this area. No restaurants, no nothing. :-) But maybe
sometime you just need nothing? But I would totally stay in one of those cute little 
cottage, with a selection of good red wines, of course.

Oct 10, 2014

Friday Awesomeness

Awesome ADD jacket! | Just gorgeous this beanie via Blue Tomato. | I want this black denim via Topshop!
Check out this weekender via Blue Tomato! | I like these Mou boots!