Apr 1, 2015


I get so many mails, where people wanna know my favorite places in Iceland. So I thought it's time to make a "TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN ICELAND". I hope you like it and wanna book a flight to this magical island. I miss this country so much...

This is my favorite place on the whole island and maybe on the whole planet so far. The huge pieces of ice on the black beach is just surreal. This is where the glacier meets the ocean and you can even see some funny seals. Super typical tourist stop, but so worth to see. I think it's nicer during the wintertimes, but still pretty awesome during summer.

2. HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA – Reykjavíks biggest church
The church Hallgrímskirkja is super for orientation, while walking through Reykjavik, but if you want an amazing view over the whole city you need to go up this church. There is an elevator going to the top of the building. 

Iceland has many swimming pools, but Seljavallalauf is the oldest and probably one of the
most hidden ones. (There are a bunch of more hidden swimming pools and hot water spots, but they're secret, hehe.) I heart Reykjavík has the perfect description how to get there. 

There a lot of waterfalls on this island. And everyone is stunning. This is one of them, located near Skaftafell. You need to go on a little hike to get there, but the hike itself is nice and easy. 

5. VÍK
Ahhh Vík.... this little town and the landscape and beaches around there are stunning. Also very touristic, but hey, whatever. Everyone wants to see the beauty of Iceland. I would recommend to go there super early or super late, so there is a chance of no tourists. If you visit Iceland during summer you can even go there at night, hehe!

6. GLACIER – SÓLHEIMAJÖKULL or FALLJÖKULL (or any other glacier...)
If you never have been on a glacier before this will be a awesome experience. Walking on crampons is just super funny – it takes a while to trust them, but after you do, it's easy! For going on a glacier you need to go on a guided tour. Never ever go on your own, that would be super, super stupid. Glaciers are beautiful, the ice formation are amazing, but they are also dangerous, if you don't know how to act up there.

The GPS coordinates are 63.459523,-19.364618 – if you wanna go there on your own, but you can also go on a guided tour to find this airplane wreck – it is worth it! The plane was forced to land on the black beach in 1973 and since then it is just there, in the middle of nowhere! 

Mar 30, 2015

WHAT I WEAR – Trench coat, lose denims & heavy knits...

...and spring shoes and my favorite bag! I love this outfit! :-) Really. The jumper looks super warm, but it is actually not. The mesh is so big, so the air come right through. The jeans is the new Levi's 501 CT, which is super comfy! (My grandmother hates this ripped denim..."How can you have such big holes in a brand new jeans...?") The coat is a little bit older (have a look here), but still one of my most worn spring coats! And this was the first time I worn my new Lika Mimika espandrilles and can't wait for the next time. 

coat: Didriksons1913 | jumper: H&M | denim: Levi's via frontlineshop | shoes: Lika Mimika | bag: Le Tanneur | tattoos: LULU DK

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

My weekend started with going to every fu***** hardware store there is and not finding what we wanted. But the evenings were pretty good – a birthday bash with super delicious "Handbrot" and a girls night with self-made sushi! Yummy weekend! Beside eating we didn't do that much, only a little bike ride enjoying the last sun rays we could get before that shitty weather came... :-) Hope you weekend was delicious as mine!

Mar 27, 2015

Friday Awesomeness

I want this awesome Vans shoe via frontlineshop! | Awesome poster via selekkt. | Just gorgeous this cozy blanket via Minimarkt | Check out this stool via LEFliving. | I like this cute Mavi shirt!

Mar 26, 2015

Burton Spring/Summer Lookbook 2015

I'm suffering from wanderlust. Extremely. And this is no fun, believe me. The Burton "Durable Goods" spring/summer lookbook 2015 does not help me here at all. Looking at this images just makes it worse. This feeling to hit the road is huuuuuge at the moment. I wanna jump right into this lookbook – with all the cool cloth as well, please! I need a vacation, a road-trip, an adventure right now! I need this Burton-lookbook-feeling! :-)

Mar 25, 2015

WHAT I WEAR – Climbing in pink!

First, I have to admit – I'm not the best climber. Most of the time I'm thinking wtf?! How did he/she just climb that, it looks so simple and now I'm just stuck here... and so on. But I love to be outside, I love to discover nice places and that's also part of climbing. :-) Last year, during the Outdoor trade show, I saw this awesome pink(!) Petzl harness. I fell in love immediately! I mean, this harness is PINK – just made for me. Finally, two weeks ago I tried it for the first time and this women harness is super comfy. It has also this little clasp (here in the first image) which you can open, if you need to pee – no need for taking off the whole harness... Also super duper comfy is my new Costa Didriksons pants! You can move, however you want, there will be no pinching at all. Perfect for climbing I would say! My pink whohoo – matchy-matchy – merino shirt from Icebreaker is soft and pink and completes my climbing outfit! Love it!

harness: Thx to Petzl - Selena | pants: Thx to Didriksons1913 | shirt: Thx to Icebreaker