Sep 30, 2014

RVCA Womens Lookbook Fall 2014

I spot serious pattern love in the current RVCA fall collection here. I mean, look at this maxi
dress in the first image and then in the second this amazing parka. Yes please. RVCA says
"Don't bite" but I totally wanna have a bite of this collection!

One-Month-Roadtrip: SPAIN

Ooooookay, this will be a long one! :-) 4 Weeks ago we came back from our one-month-
roadtrip trough Spain. Kind of through Spain. Our first stop was in France – Ailefroide. If 
you are into hiking, climbing or biking this a really nice place to stuff like this. The camping 
there is super nice! Pure nature and only outdoor-minded people.

Our next stop was Barcelona. Super awesome city – we walked a lot, but I guess this is

the best way to discover all the amazing little spots. We ate very good food, looked at
all the crazy buildings and visited some museums. We stayed at a camping 30km outside
of Barcelona – we were too afraid of getting robbed. :-) 

Camarasa – Alquézar – Rodellar
After Barcelona we drove to Berga for some climbing and then to Camarasa. A small town
in the middle of nowhere. We climbed there as well, but only in the late afternoon, since it
was just craaaazy hot. Honestly, we couldn't move, it was too hot. But the river there is
very refreshing and we had a great wild camping spot. After Camarasa the real climbing
stuff started. First Alquézar then Rodellar. Both great places to climb. 

Can Franc
Read about the story behind this abandoned train station <<here>>. We spent two hours
walking around, because there is so much to discover.

We just drove there because we wanted to see "the painted forest – bosque de oma".
If you have time, it is worth a visit. It's super fun to walk around this forest and see the
constructions of artist Agustin Ibarrola.

Go to the Guggenheim Museum. It's super awesome. Just go. The video installation by the
icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson gave me goosebumps. 

Naranjo de Bulnes – Picos de EuropaHoly crap, that was something! We went climbing again and met some spanish
We asked them, hey what's a "to-do" in the Picos de Europa. They told us to
climb a 
mountain called Naranjo de Bulnes. So we did. Started our adventure at six
o'clock in the
afternoon – a little late, but we made it through the fog to the refugio.
(2 hours of crazy fast 
hiking.) We started hiking again in the next morning – only one
hour, but pretty steep and 
without that much sleep during the night – it was exhausting.
(Still hate this snorring 
person!) We arrived at the foot of our multi-pitch climbing action.
The first pitch is the hardest. 
Followed by four more pitches and some more hiking to
the peak. The view was worth it. 
If you are into hiking and climbing, this tour is highly

San Vincente
After our multi-pitch tour we drove down just a little bit and found a lot of baby cats
next to the street. A goat and a dog joined me being totally "awwwwwww" and 
"ohhhhhhh" over the baby cats! I was in baby-cat-heaven. After our Picos de Europa 
adventure we went back to the beach. We camped in a city called San Vincente. Great for 
surf beginners, like me. But the best part was, we could see the peak of "our" mountain 
while relaxing at the beach. It was an awesome trip. So what's next?

Sep 29, 2014

WHAT I WAER – Denim Edition

The weekend was very sunny – so I had a chance to wear me new denim dress, styled
with white sandals and one of my all-time-favorite items – a white denim jacket.

Jacket: Nikita Clothing (old) | Dress: Levi's (Thx to frontllineshop!) | Sandals: Birkenstock | Watch: WoodWood